Photo of PVES School


Playa Vista Elementary students are quite tech savvy.

Our technology vision states:
We will produce students with 21st Century skills by embedding technology into daily instruction that will develop the 4 C’s – Collaborate, Create, Communicate, & think Critically.

At PVES, our philosophy is that technology is a resource. With this resource we aim to reach all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which sets forth the lowest level in its pyramid as “remember” and the highest of 7 levels as “create.”

Imagine a classroom where students use technology tools to explore, for example, the Grand Canyon via our VR headsets, create presentations about the Grand Canyon, use Sphero robots to simulate wind or water that would have created the Grand Canyon, and finally put together a report using word processing.

Our lower grade classroom, grades TK-2, are equipped with iPad carts of 30 iPads each, that are shared between classrooms. We currently have 6 such carts. Upper grade classrooms, grades 3-5, have one-to-one Chromebook devices for each student.

Apart from that we have VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, iPod touches, handheld microscopes, and more. In addition, each classroom is equipped with a Macbook Pro, projector, document reader, and an Apple TV.

PVES classrooms also visit our on-site Computer Lab, led by Planet Bravo, on a weekly basis to gain hands-on knowledge in basic computing skills, programming languages, coding, and mobile app development (to name a few).