Music Program

Playa Vista Elementary School’s music program is an integral part of our student’s learning experience. We have three music teachers: Mrs. Ann Patillo, our general music teacher, our Kindergarten music teacher, and our Orff music teacher. We partner with Musikbox to provide our Kindergarten and Orff instruction.

Our students work toward two all-school performances each school year, a Winter Program and Spring Program.

Kindergarten | Music and Movement

Each Kindergarten class receives 40 minutes of weekly music instruction through Music Rhapsody. Our program strongly emphasizes rhythm, instrumentation with classroom percussion instruments, and movement, utilizing music from around the world.

1st and 2nd Grade | Orff

Each 1st and 2nd grade class receives 40 minutes of Orff music instruction per week throughout the school year.

Orff Schulwerk is an exciting approach to teaching music to children. Children experience the joy of making music together in a group as they learn the fundamentals of music. Orff develops creativity and imagination through singing, chant rhymes, dance, and playing instruments. Our students utilize high quality Orff melody instruments including xylophones, glockenspiels, and metallophones, as well as recorder and percussion instruments.

3rd Grade | Recorders

Each 3rd grade student receives instruction on a recorder. Our students are able to read music, memorize music, and perform on their recorders.

4th and 5th Grade | Vocals

Each 4th and 5th grade class receives vocals instruction throughout the school year from our music teacher, Mrs. Ann Patillo.