Frequently Asked Questions

When can I drop my child off at school in the morning?

Morning drop off begins at 7:45am. There is no supervision prior to 7:45am.

What if my child is late to school?

Students are considered late to school if they arrive after 8:15am. Any child late to school must come to the main office to pick up a blue tardy slip.

What if my child needs to leave school early?

You come to the main office and sign a permit for release during school hours. You must provide valid identification and be listed on the child’s emergency card.

How do I clear an absence?

  1. Send your child to school the next day with a note that has your child’s name, reason for the absences, the date of the absence, and your signature.
  2. Any absence that is five days or longer also requires a note from the doctor before they can be readmitted to school.

What do I do if my child is tardy 30 minutes or more?

A tardy 30 minutes or more is considered an absence. Please send your child to school with a note that has your child’s name, reason for the tardy, the date of the tardy, and your signature.

Will my child be marked absent if we need to travel during school time?

Any student who will be out for five or more days traveling may qualify for independent study. Arrangements must be made ahead of time with the teacher and have the principal’s approval. Forms for independent study are available in the school office.

How can I become a volunteer at Playa Vista Elementary?

  1. Pick up a volunteer application in the main office.
  2. Return the application along with documentation of a cleared TB screening within the last 6 months.
  3. Attend a volunteer training
  4. Sign the Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement.
  5. Siblings may not accompany parents when they are volunteering.

What type of lunch program does Playa Vista have?

Food Services is excited to announce that this year, Everyone Eats for free.

What if my child forgets something at home? How do I give my child items they have forgotten at home?

Any items that your child has forgotten at home can be dropped off at the main office. We will deliver the item to the classroom with minimal distraction to the classroom.

What do I do if my child has to bring crutches, wear a cast or splint, an ace bandage, sling or has had stitches or staples?

The student must have a licensed California health care provider’s written permission to attend school that includes any recommendations and/or restrictions related to physical activity, mobility, and safety.

How does my child receive their medications at school?

If your child needs to take medication at school you can request a Medication To Be Taken During School hours form in the main office. The form must be completed by a Calfornia licensed health care provider and will be kept, along with the medication, in the nurse’s office.