School Lunch Program

Cafeteria Menu

Children may purchase breakfast and/or lunch from the cafeteria. Milk, juice or fruit is also available for purchase a la carte. Please make sure what is being served is something your child will eat. Visit the link below to view our Monthly Cafeteria Menu.

Every family must complete a meal application with LAUSD and have credit in their account. Be sure to always keep a balance in your child’s meal account. If your child chooses to eat in the cafeteria and they have no money in their account they will be offered a half cheese sandwich and 

School Menu

Students can pay cash in the cafeteria to buy lunch as needed or parents can add money to their child’s cafeteria account online via credit card.

Breakfast | Free: No Charge | Reduced Price: $0.30 | Regular Price: $2.25
Lunch        | Free: No Charge | Reduced Price: $0.40 | Regular Price: $3.00

Online Meal Applications
Complete your Meal Application online at the following link:
Online Meal Application

Cafeteria Online Payments
Add money to your child’s cafeteria account and track purchases online through My Payments Plus. To register, please contact the office for your child’s student ID number and follow the instructions online.