Playworks helps kids to stay active and helps build valuable social and emotional skills through play.

What a Better Recess Does

Conflict Resolution
Recess doesn’t have to be chaotic. At a better recess, kids acquire tools to work out disagreements and differences.

Leadership Skills
When they’re playing amongst their peers, kids have a valuable opportunity to develop a sense of fairness, confidence, and communication.

Academic Success
Kids who are engaged during recess are more likely to participate in class, which means better attendance and better grades.

At Playa Vista, we have a full time Playworks coach. Our coach is on campus from 8:00 to 5:00 each day. We also have junior coaches that support recess times for 1st through 3rd grades by playing the games with the students, supporting students as they solve conflicts in a positive way, and reminding students the rules of the game.

Visit their website at www.playworks.org for more information.