Playa Visa Elementary School

Loyola Marymount University

School of Education

As a close partner with the University, Playa Vista Elementary embraces the University’s mission to educate the whole person. The school harnesses the expertise of veteran educators at the helm of LMU’s School of Education, which is recognized nationally for its innovative early childhood, special education and elementary education programs. Fundamental to the school’s direction and success is a committed partnership between LMU, LAUSD, teachers, administrators and the families that make up the community it serves. As a true partnership school, LMU faculty and staff have the opportunity to enroll their children at Playa Vista Elementary.

The School of Education has established statewide and national partnerships to identify and develop both subject-specific and interdisciplinary models that represent important advances in how best to teach today’s children for ongoing achievement in higher education and beyond. Within energetic classrooms featuring cutting-edge instruction, LMU-trained teachers utilize and expand upon these proven, differentiated and experiential curricula to meet the individual needs and nurture the unique talents of each child. An abundance of resources are shared by LMU, such as classroom support, student teaching, professional development, and grant assistance.

Departing from the traditional teaching method of isolated disciplines, STEM-infused connected learning, grounded in the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and aligned to the California Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks, provides the structure for professional development and teacher collaboration. A comprehensive approach to literacy seamlessly ties all instructional components to STEM. This method capitalizes on students’ curiosity of the natural world, their desire to find and analyze patterns, and their tendency to question the world in which they live.


Manny Aceves, Ed.D.
Assistant Dean for Strategic Partnerships & Educational Effectiveness
School of Education | Loyola Marymount University

Philip Molebash, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Math and Science Teaching
School of Education | Loyola Marymount University


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