Playa Visa Elementary School

School Rules

The three overarching rules for Playa Vista Elementary are for our students to:

If students are unsure if they are making a good choice they should ask themselves is it kind, is it safe, is it responsible. That is their guide. If ever the answer is no, they need to make a different choice. This schoolwide discipline plan is based on mutual respect and cooperation. Our rules are designed to encourage kindness, safe actions, and responsibility in a positive, nurturing environment.

Lunchtime Rules

Playground Rules

Classroom Party Guidelines

In accordance with the District's policy on maximizing the instructional program, the following are the classroom party guidelines for Playa Vista Elementary School:

Dress Code


  1. Dresses, skirts, shorts, and skorts should be of an appropriate length
  2. No bare midriffs
  3. No spaghetti straps
  4. Hats and hoods may be worn outside only as sun protection


  1. Shoes should be suitable for physical activity
  2. Shoes are to be closed toed only
  3. Shoes with wheels must have the wheels removed
  4. No shoes or boots with heels or platforms


  1. For safety reasons, no hoop earrings should be worn at school
  2. Please do not wear valuable jewelry to school

Traffic Safety Procedures

On behalf of every student, staff member, and parent, we would like to thank you in advance for keeping the safety of our children and neighborhood your highest priority.

Every school day over 550 children cross our streets and parking lot on their way to and from school. These traffic procedures are designed to protect the safety of our children, create a predictable traffic flow, and prevent blocked streets for all the residents of Playa Vista. Your observation of posted restrictions, cooperation with traffic safety parent volunteers, and thoughtful behavior are essential for a smooth and safe traffic flow.

Please share these safety procedures with nannies, grandparents, and others who bring your children to and from school.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Monday through Friday, students may be dropped off beginning at 7:45am and picked up when school dismisses at 2:36pm. Tuesday school dismisses at 1:36pm.

When using the drop-off valet service, please remember to:

If you wish to park your car, please park next to the park. The courtesy you extend to the teachers and staff is very much appreciated when you park next to the park leaving the center parking lot available for school employees.

School Parking Lot

Other Safety Guidelines

Your cooperation is appreciated!